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June 27-30, 2010: The end of June

Ashley  Meenen

June 28, 2010: June is almost over and Independence Day is around the corner. The following photographs will have you thinking about the holiday weekend. June 29, 2010: The following photograph shows the glowing clouds during the sunrise. You can see the moon in the second picture. June 30, 2010: ...

June 26, 2010: Lunar eclipse

Ashley  Meenen

The partial lunar eclipse on June 26, 2010 was the first lunar eclipse of the year. There will only be two this year; the next eclipse will be a total eclipse on December 21, 2010. This eclipse was viewed best from the West Coast, so we didn't have the best ...

June 23-25, 2010: Summer is here

Ashley  Meenen

You can certainly tell it's summer with all of the hot and humid weather we've had! The following photograph is my story on trying to stay cool. That's right, kiddie pools are not just for kids! The story of how this pool ended up on my deck is very long, ...

First lunar eclipse of the year

Ashley  Meenen

If you are an early riser and a science geek, look to the sky early Saturday morning. Even if you aren't an early riser, you may want to set your alarm clocks. Saturday, June 26, 2010 will be the first of two lunar eclipses for 2010. This weekends eclipse will ...

June 7-21: The end of spring

Ashley  Meenen

June 7-11, 2010: The following collage contains several photographs from June 7-11, 2010. I took the photograph of the dandelion because it is the largest dandelion I have ever seen! It was the size of a tennis ball. The scenic picture on the right was taken on a trip home ...

June 3, 2010: Trip to Alma

Ashley  Meenen

Ed Bloodsworth, Nate Riggs and I took a trip to Alma, Kansas on June 3, 2010. Here are some photographs I took along the way. Our first stop was the radar site in Alma, Kansas. This is the radar that covers most of Northeast Kansas. When we arrived at the ...

May 31 - June 6, 2010: Goodbye May, hello June

Ashley  Meenen

May 31, 2010: Several layers of clouds were visible in this photograph. You can even see a bird sitting on top of a tree. Here is a closer view of the bird. June 1, 2010: A few storms in the distance, taken outside the 49 ABC News studio in Topeka, ...

May 27-30, 2010: What happened to spring?

Ashley  Meenen

A lot of people spent time outside, as hot and sunny weather settled into Northeast Kansas. With the summer-like weather, I spent a lot of time taking my dog to West Lake at Gage Park. I wasn't the only one with this idea, in fact a lot of people were ...

May 25-26, 2010: Hit or miss rain

Ashley  Meenen

Showers and storms were expected to move through the area on May 25, 2010, but most of the rain "skipped" over our area. Although most of the rain stayed away, you could see storms in the distance by the evening. Spotty showers moved through the area during the morning on ...

May 24, 2010: Near 90 degrees

Ashley  Meenen

It was another hot and humid day on May 24, 2010, in fact, several locations missed hitting 90 degrees by just one degree. Billard Airport (Topeka), Manhattan and Lawrence all hit a high of 89. Some other high temperatures for Northeast Kansas include 88 at Forbes Field (Topeka), 84 in ...

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