Sound Off

At Kansas University, who decides prices for the parking passes, and how much are they? I want to know why the red garage permits are the same price as the blue garage permits, without the same benefits.

The Parking Commission, made of faculty, staff and students, recommends fees to David Shulenburger, provost and executive vice chancellor, with Chancellor Robert Hemenway making the final decision.

Donna Hultine, interim director of parking services, said the garage fees, which range from $175 to $220, are the same for red and blue permits because "those who use the garages are getting the same thing."

"The difference in red and blue parking is really only apparent in surface lot parking," she said. "Blue zones are generally closer to buildings than red zones."

Blue zone permits are $135 for a year, and red zone permits are $115 for a year.


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