Kansas basketball v. Michigan NCAA (Sweet 16) March 29, 2013

Images from Friday night's game against Michigan at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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justanotherface 1 year ago

The loss of that game lies solely on EJ's shoulders. He should've been ejected after that cheap shot. Karma proved herself real that night with his 3 turnovers in the final minutes. And then he bawls like a baby afterwards. Puh-lease, he brought it all on himself.


James Minor 1 year ago

So Elijah got caught showing off his ball handling skills!!! If the Hawks had beat Michigan all would be forgotten.The Jayhawks had a very unexpected season. Who would have thought we were so close to going to the Final Four after losing so many players last year. KU will reload and re-aim for another Big 12 championship and we will be there cheering them on!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!


CHEEZIT 1 year ago

Some players when they set a pick have their hands down there protecting the boys! Maybe next time McCrary should do the same!!!


Alceste 1 year ago accident? Andddd....ummmmmm.....IF this guy makes it to the Pros....ya think they might have a little party waiting for him?!


Alceste 1 year ago Gee, I wonder why there's no still photo taken out of this short video documenting Mr. Johnson's character on the court? Is there a tattoo was such a punch?


bizymama 1 year ago

Let's just forget about that!


Miffed 1 year ago

Where are the pictures of Elijah Johnson intentionally hitting McGary below the belt?


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