McLemore declares for NBA Draft April 9, 2013

Images from Tuesday's news conference in which Kansas guard Ben McLemore declared for the NBA Draft.

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Kelly Knott 5 years ago

I'm sad for Ben. He is a very talented young man and because of that, he has assumed the financial responsibility for his family at a very young age. I understand that because of his talent he has earned the opportunity to begin playing out his NBA dream sooner than later. I'm just sad that Ben has to cut short his KU dream experience in order to gain the financial rewards that his family so desperately needs. It is very apparent that this young man does not want to leave, yet feels he must. I have to disagree with Bill,,, it is bitter-sweet for Ben.

No worries young Ben,,, Once a Jayhawk,,, Always a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk - - Jayhawk Nation will be cheering you on where ever you play.

PeriMac 5 years ago

What a fine outstanding young man.

rcakmon 5 years ago

I was about to post and then read 4Runner's comment. Ditto what he/she said.

Good luck, Ben!

Charlie Bannister 5 years ago

I have mixed emotions on this one. On one hand I understand that he FEELS as though he has to provide money for his Mom, etc. On the other hand she looks as though she is capable of employment. I confess I do not know the whole story. But I do know basketball and basketball players. From that perspective, he needs a lot of work and experience. He is way too inconsistent as a player and not mature enough yet. Doubt he ever does much in the NBA except come off the bench for short periods of time. But he will certainly make some money doing it. To me some things are more important than money. What a missed opportunity to have a wonderful college experience with one of the best programs and coaches in the country. Oh well.

PeriMac 5 years ago

Who cares about your mixed emotions? How do you know how he's going to perform on the next stage? Let him enjoy life and his decisions and at least, encourage him! I agree, it would be awesome if a lot of players would be able to enjoy a full 4 year college experience but there are other factors that play into a lot of these personal decisions that we eventually have to respect.

Andria Platt 5 years ago

I sure wish he'd stay for at least another year to gain some more experience and knowledge from one of the best coaches around. But I do understand and respect Ben's reason for leaving. And I wholeheartedly agree with 4Runner "No worries young Ben,,, Once a Jayhawk,,, Always a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk - - Jayhawk Nation will be cheering you on where ever you play."

chocolateplease 5 years ago

What I always hope for these players is that they have some kind of financial literacy before they start making the big money, since they'll have some big decisions to make, and since so many people will be trying to get their hands on some of the money. I hope that for the family members, too. I don't know if there are any programs or efforts to help these young players and their families, but you can see in a case like this where it could have a big benefit.

Dan Blomgren 5 years ago

We can all second guess his decision. Only time will tell if it was the right one. For now and always I wish him the best, and for his family too. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Best of luck, Ben!

Robert Rauktis 5 years ago

I'd feel sad for that Kentucky kid who hurt his knee. Now that's a problem.

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