The sacking of Lawrence and Quantrill's Raid April 11, 2011

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Lawrence Morgan 7 years ago

Are there any ideas about more specific locations for the above photographs, or others? Like which streets are which, from that time? It might be possible to use Google maps in some way to indicate the individual streets? Lawrence Morgan

riverdrifter 7 years ago

My ancestor Silas Soule is in the photograph of John Doy's recuers. The Soules settled in the Vinland area. I cannot remember which one he is in the image, damnit. I do remember my mother quoting her grandmother who said, to wit "Silas had no stomach for the Indian wars but he took good fun in running the Missourian slavers."

Starbrite 7 years ago

Silas Soule is shown here in the above image as the 2nd from the left. However, the image is reversed.

lawdog 7 years ago

(((riverdrifter)))) That's awesome! I don't feel enough history has been written about Mr. Soule, I know he is a hero to many. Silas Soule's involvement with Bleeding Kansas should be included with Kansas History!

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