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What are your summer travel plans?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 16, 2014

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Photo of Sarah Mathews

“I’m going to Finland for the world air-guitar championships.”

Photo of Andy Kay

“Probably North Carolina.”

Photo of Ed Hawkins

“We have Colorado Springs and Rockville, Maryland in our plans.”

Photo of Phil Dresher

“We’re going to New York City.”


Russell Fryberger 4 years ago

I will travel the yard from corner to corner, arresting the growth of the green slivers of nature that tend to reach heights so tall that my dogs won't poo outside because the green slivers touch their butts.

Bob Smith 4 years ago

I'll be romping along Brush Creek as it meanders through the Plaza in KC. Some days, the odor of human waste is almost unnoticeable!

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