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What is your biggest concern about crime in Lawrence?

Asked at Dillons on Massachusetts Street on July 29, 2014

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Photo of Steve Clark

“I’m disconcerted that there’s been a couple murders this year. There’s not an easy root cause to it, no common thread.”

Photo of Debbie Thompson

“It seems to be escalating.”

Photo of Alex Fennell

“More along the lines of theft. I know some people who got bikes stolen and other various items in my neighborhood.”

Photo of Linda Record

“As a restaurant owner, the late-night people taking things. Chips, plants.”


Don Brennaman 3 years ago

Neglected white collar shenanigans.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

I agree with Don, might that be classified as crimes against humanity?

Mike Edson 3 years ago

The more drug trafficking the more crime. This town has a huge meth problem.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

The more Lawrence grows the more crime will grow. Crime is among the secret costs of growth.

Of course rape has been an ever growing problem. Why doesn't the university mandate and provide an extended self defense course for women?

30 years ago things were relatively quiet. Not anymore. More violence of all sorts.

More crime costs a lot more tax dollars mostly for investigation,apprehension, incarceration and trials. A 30 million tax $$$$$$ police station will do little to nothing towards preventing crime. A crime is not a crime until a crime has been committed.

The lower the wages the more crime. The worse the economy the more crime. Then of course we have white collar crime which generally cost taxpayers great big bucks.

Bob Smith 3 years ago

The criminally boring calls to end the growth of Lawrence.

Raymond Muñoz 3 years ago

The $3 ticket I got downtown for a very purposeful parking violation. Now THAT, my friends, is a crime. The ticket. Not my very purposeful parking violation.

3 years ago

This unregulated or deregulated (and therefore criminal... it turns out to be... in practice) market driven world might have just a little bit to do with it. Why the hell should Lawrence be

Bob Smith 3 years ago

Getting tar balls in my pretty hair.

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