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Have you ever camped out or waited in line for hours to buy anything?

Asked at Dillons on Massachusetts Street on January 10, 2014

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Photo of Ben Koehn

“Yeah, the original Xbox system in high school and then again in college for ‘Halo 2.’”

Photo of Nick Brooks

“No, I never have. I thought about it for video games but it sounded horrible, cold.”

Photo of Sarah Johnson


Photo of Justin Davis

“Yeah, 2011, when ‘Skyrim’ came out, at GameStop.”


Bob Smith 3 months ago

Camped out for tickets to see Dylan in Austin in 1979.


Elston Gunn 3 months ago

Absolutely. I used to camp out all night at Kief's Records for concert tickets. I scored 5th row center on the floor at Kemper arena for the Journey Escape tour Sept. 18, 1981, and the same seats for the Van Halen Fair Warning tour Oct. 17, 1981.


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