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Should KU students have to pay fees that go toward the athletics department?

Asked at Checkers Foods on Louisiana Street on February 24, 2014

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Photo of Diane Andrade

“I would say no. I think the athletic department does a good job supporting itself.”

Photo of Carol Logan

“No, I just think students are charged enough as it is.”

Photo of David Simmons

“No, the athletic department makes plenty of money on their athletes.”

Photo of P.J. Wilson

“No, I think the athletic department makes enough through ticket sales to cover that.”


Leslie Swearingen 4 years, 3 months ago

"Student body President Marcus Tetwiler and three other Advisory Board members recommended eliminating a student fee funding women’s and non-revenue sports for Kansas Athletics Monday afternoon. -"

See more at:

"Before and After Title IX: Women in Sports It’s hard to exaggerate the far-reaching effect of Title IX on American society. The year before Title IX was enacted, there were about 310,000 girls and women in America playing high school and college sports; today, there are more than 3,373,000. Here are a few of the landmarks along the timeline of women in sports, before and after the passage of the law."

This is much more complicated than the question would lead us to believe. I have copied and pasted because I have done some research to try and get some answers and so have chosen to quote sources, and, of course, I give the source.

I think some of us are forgetting that there are a number of non-revenue sports being played at KU. It is not only football and basketball. Do we want to see those sports being played and at a high level? Then they too must have our support.

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