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Would you use medical marijuana if it were legal in Lawrence and a doctor prescribed it to you?

Asked at Massachusetts and New Hampshire streets on February 3, 2014

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Photo of Will Orlowski

““I wouldn’t seek it out, but if a doctor prescribes it to you that is their profession. I would probably ask them if there’s something else I can do, though.””

Photo of Zac Bennett

““I probably wouldn’t. It’s not for me.””

Photo of Charles Glover

““I might — if the doctor prescribed it and I had something I needed it for — just like I take over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions now.””

Photo of Victoria Pulley

““I would. I really don’t think that marijuana is a big deal, and if it was legal I would go for it.””

Photo of Sarah Adler

““I wouldn’t ‘cause I have asthma.””


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