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Parents, how are you spending your last weekend before Lawrence Public Schools resume classes?

Asked at Dillons on Massachusetts Street on August 9, 2014

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Photo of Bobby Richardson

“Swim and go to the park— what we’ve been doing all summer.”

Photo of Melissa Snell

“Preparing them (her kids) to get ready for school.”

Photo of Kate Buckeridge

“By helping a friend move. ”

Photo of Jane Patrick

“We’re going to spend the weekend sleeping in.”


Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

I remember when school started the day after Labor day. Then Labor day was always the first of the month regardless of what day it fell on.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years, 9 months ago

Well, I remember when our spring break was just a 4 day weekend, we had an hour for lunch, and teachers weren't required to do all the paper work the state requires now, so there were no inservice days. But thanks to our politicians who looked at a few failing schools and decided that all schools must be failing, so all schools must be forced into a NCLB mold, schools had to add more days to the calendar, but not all are student attendance days. No these are days in which teachers must make plans for all the testing, take all the results, and create action plans for those students who are not passing. Some of this is really working out good, so students do not fall through the cracks, but then you have people upset, because school starts in August instead of September. Just get over it.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 9 months ago

Dorothy, I am not upset, I was just making an observation. Now when I was of elementary age and living in the Ozark hills, the school year was arranged around the needs of the farmers because the kids worked at home a lot. But all twelve grades were in the same building. Makes me feel ancient to have lived though that.

We also celebrated holidays on the day only, not before nor after.

Teachers also are expected to be social workers and recognize when something is going wrong in a students home and do something about that. I can well understand teacher burnout. I like your comment and it is spot on.


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