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Which KU basketball player are you looking forward to watching the most?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 26, 2013

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Photo of Curtis Bennett

“Andrew Wiggins.”

Photo of Kersten Magrum

“Andrew Wiggins.”

Photo of Leanna Brown

“Andrew Wiggins.”

Photo of Jason Boney

“Andrew Wiggins.”


Russell Fryberger 4 years ago

Ben McLemore, interested to see where that education from KU gets him.

he_who_knows_all 4 years ago

The coaching staffs' kids. I'm glad they've made the team on their own merit instead of someone elses.

jack22 4 years ago

Is Doug Compton Jr still on the team?

jack22 4 years ago

You're right, they made him "team video manager", so he wasn't a player, but certainly was part of the team.

WarHawk78 4 years ago

No favorites, I am anxious to see them all

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