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What is your favorite part of being a U.S. citizen?

Asked at Seventh Street on September 17, 2013

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Photo of Courtney Wheeler

“Freedom and the opportunities that come with freedom.”

Photo of Jeanette Cox

“The amount of freedom we are given compared to other countries.”

Photo of Maurice Murry

“Being able to go anywhere you want in the country.”

Photo of Sierra Seacat

“Living in a country that is relatively wealthy compared to the rest of the world and having freedom, which leaves a lot of doors open for me.”


happyrearviewmirror 6 months, 4 weeks ago

Equal treatment under the law ( haha), for instance--41 shots. Thanks to rampant prejudice, especially in places like Kansas, we can get killed just for living in our American skins:

Springsteen song:


happyrearviewmirror 6 months, 4 weeks ago

Negative liberty--the right to be left alone--although busybodies seem to have a senior moment when reminded of that one. Street harassers are fairly clueless too. Just answer their unanswerable questions with another one in return, "Do you always claim to be God's gift by violating the personal space and boundaries of complete strangers?, "Is that a fake question, or did you think it up yourself?"

People who understand usually go quietly about their own business, but yahoos too often ask offensive, intrusive, and patronizing questions out loud. This racket shames thinking people so much!


Mollie New Leaf 7 months ago

I appreciate our freedom of speech. I like that we can say whatever we want about our leaders and about religion. I like that we can protest. I like that I don't have to carry ID with me everywhere I go. I like that parents can make their own medial decisions for their kids and that we can homeschool if we want to. There ARE countries that I think are much better than ours, but in the grand scheme of things we're not in a bad one. We're not in poverty, we're varying degrees of educated (we at least have access to education, how about that, haha), I appreciate that the majority of our problems are first world problems.


Mike Gerhardt 7 months ago

Having just returned from a two year assignment at the American Embassy, Moscow, Russian Federation, I have learned to appreciate many simplicities in life here. The freedom of travel without the need to show a passport just to check into a hotel, freedom of speech and the right to own firearms. Add to that the abundance of food items, the availability of all types of consumer goods and I believe we have it made here. People don't appreciate what they have until they live in a place that has none ot the aforementioned rights and items.


jack22 7 months ago

Being number one! USA, USA, USA!


BABBOY 7 months ago

I love flipping with people on this stupid site.

Actually, on a serious note, the list is too long as to why I am glad and proud to be a USA citizen and card carrying member of the ACLU which protects those very freedoms.


WarHawk78 7 months ago

Barbeque, not much else of late.


Kyle Neuer 7 months ago

The finest politicians money can buy.


Karl_Hungus 7 months ago

Having my civil liberties and voting rights taken away from me while supplementing those losses with their barbaric interpretations of "the right to bear arms."


Liberty275 7 months ago

Remembering what it was like having some semblance of freedom.


skinny 7 months ago

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Wesley Willis 7 months ago

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