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Do you think Lawrence schools should redraw attendance boundaries periodically to manage school size?

Asked at Asked at Dillons on 19th and Massachusetts streets on October 15, 2013

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Photo of Pete Rowland

“Yes, if populations change then you should redraw periodically.”

Photo of Olivia Loney

“I don’t think so, as long as the student-teacher ratio is fine.”

Photo of Ellie Baer

“I don’t think they should. Once (students) are in a school, that’s where they probably want to stay.”

Photo of Brett Crawford

“Sure, demographics change. It probably makes sense.”


Leslie Swearingen 4 years, 8 months ago

No I don't. I don't think there should be boundaries, but the parents should be able to send their children to the school of their choice. If a school begins to get overcrowded that is proof that that school is doing something right and money should be appropriated to create more space as needed.

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