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What is your fondest memory of Santa Claus?

Asked at Downtown Lawrence on November 30, 2013

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Photo of Beatrix Johnson

“When I got to see him at Weaver’s last year.”

Photo of Randy Johnson

“Putting corn out in our front yard for his reindeer.”

Photo of Vanessa Chandler

“I had to sit on Santa’s lap first because my then-2-year-old son was scared.”

Photo of Kim Christensen

“When I was a kid, my uncle dressed up as Santa Claus one year.”


Wayne James 4 years, 6 months ago

When I was about four, my parents owned the house @ 821 Michigan in west Lawrence, and one day my mom came downstairs and placed a package under the tree "to Butch (my nickname at the time), from Santa". Kinda burst a big bubble in the Santa theory!

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