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What is your favorite Thanksgiving guilty-pleasure dish?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on November 26, 2013

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Photo of Paul Gulotta

“I like egg noodles and broccoli.”

Photo of Tyler Fullbright


Photo of Bekkah Lampe

“Squash with parmesan cheese and butter.”

Photo of Johnna Vann

“Pecan pie.”


Ken Lassman 4 years ago

The subtitle says that folks were asked this question "at Massachusetts St." I've never seen grocery aisles which are lit by fluorescent lights anywhere along that street--perhaps this is a new feature of our city's downtown holiday lighting decorations? Or perhaps the "at Massachusetts St." is the truncated version of "at Massachusetts St. Dillons?"

Rae Hudspeth 4 years ago

guilty pleasure?
A piece of pumpkin pie with so much whipped cream that it's basically a pumpkin-flavored vehicle for eating whipped cream.

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