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Do you have any plans for Memorial Day?

Asked at Hy-Vee 3504 Clinton Parkway on May 20, 2013

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Photo of Eric Giroux

“No. I’m just hoping for nice weather and that we don’t get sucked up by a tornado.”

“Yes. Mod Minecraft and then play the mod.”

Photo of Kindal Ware

“We are thinking about going to the lake. I’m just enjoying the three-day weekend.”

Photo of  Rachael Newcomer

“Honestly I don’t. I think I work that weekend.”


L7 11 months ago

Yes, to pay tribute to all those who are no longer with us and who worked hard and made personal sacrifices so that future generations could enjoy their freedoms. Were it not for them, we would not have a holiday.


jane_doe 11 months ago

Beer. And either BBQ or gumbo.


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