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Have you or anyone you know ever been involved in a property dispute?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 16, 2013

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Photo of Andrea Boucher

“Yeah, over an easement in Washington.”

Photo of Chris Seibert

“No, I keep it simple.”

Photo of Laurel Gibson

“My cousins are in one now. They had to get a no-trespassing protection on the other person.”

Photo of Darrell Fenley

“My father-in-law was. They had used trees as markers, and some trees were gone.”

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Russell Fryberger 11 months ago

Ever slept in a bed with 3 cousins or siblings? Property disputes are plentiful.


BABBOY 11 months ago

Seems like a random question.


jane_doe 11 months ago

I really don't own property, but I've had disputes only when the upstairs boys would pee or barf off of their balcony. Yah. They did that.


number3of5 11 months ago

Many years ago two of my neighbors had a dispute over a fence line between their property. The final decision was for each of them to erect a fence 5 feet or so from the disputed line, which left a strip between them....


CWGOKU 11 months ago

No, only in a game of Monopoly.


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