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Do you think people who are homeless should get a discount on bus fare?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 5, 2013

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“As long as they provide proof stating that they’re using it for a good cause and not just bumming around town.”

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“Absolutely. It oughta be free.”

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streetman 5 years ago

I wonder what the response would be if the question were posed: "Do you think people who are homeless should get a discount on bus fare if you had to make up the difference?" Of course, we already do -- I believe I read in the fine print -- we're not suppose to know this -- that the mT costs the taxpayers $3 million a year. On the other hand, letting folks get on for free might lead to the illusion that the system actually gets used!

Ceallach 5 years ago

Yes to the ride -- no to using it as a shelter -- yes to adding that anyone with a Medicare A & B card can ride free.

BTW, I'm not at all influenced by the fact that I will be retiring soon :)

kernal 5 years ago

Three of the people interviewed on the street are from out of town. Think it would have added interest to the story if they had been asked if they would approve of this where they live? It's so easy to say yes to something that doesn't affect you and makes you feel morally upstanding.

Yes, I think people living at the shelter should have bus passes to get to work, job interviews, school and medical appointments. This is not like the good old days when the Salvation Army used to indiscrimately hand out bus passes to any and everyone.

Tony Kisner 5 years ago

The bus should pick them up from neighbouring states and bring them back to the mother ship that is Lawrence.

FlintlockRifle 5 years ago

All depends on where they are going, just to ride down town to hang out on Mass, no way.They probably have some kind of ""ID"' to live at the shelder, so they could have it validated for proof where they are going, so many rides for a month.

always_correct 5 years ago

Seriously? No comments on the phrase "bumming around town" yet? Unintentional puns are the best.

ontheright 5 years ago

NO! I think all the working people in Lawrence should receive something free, for supporting all those who don't work!

50YearResident 5 years ago

Next time interview Lawrence residents only. People from out of town could care less if Lawrence homeless get free bus rides. They are not going to be helping to pay the bus fees. Their opinions don't count. First three out of town people, YES give them passes.

Liberty275 5 years ago

If the seats are empty, and a person that can't afford a roof over their heads needs a ride, let them ride free. Empty buses are dumb.

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