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Are you interested in knowing who used to live in your home?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 22, 2013

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“Sure. My home is from 1926 so it’d be interesting to learn a little bit about it.”

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“Sure, why not.”

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FlintlockRifle 8 months, 4 weeks ago

No one, untill I built a home here a few years ago, this was a pasture, in fact when I was younger I put up brome hay on this ground, guess this is called progress.


L7 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Geez, most of the time I would just like to know who is living at my house right now. Seems most every morning there is someone I never seen before sleeping on the couch or floor.


jane_doe 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Sometimes, you probably don't really wanna know, you know? I know way too much about the former occupants as well as all the neighbors. Fortunately, I've been spending more time at the boy's place than my own.


smitty 8 months, 4 weeks ago

At our library there are old city directories(1800's) that provide data on who lived at all addresses, income sources, women and men were labled with laboreer or worker depending on gender(can't remember which was wcich but a definite gender seperation), black was denoted but never white(assummed) , no indians were ever noted even though Haskell existed, and our numbered streets were named after president then.

If the JW decided to do an ongoing feature on this topic it would be fun and educational....don't forget to read between the lines to decern the past gender bias, racism bias, class bias, etc. Then know that in 100 years today's papers/news archives will also reflect the same type of discoveries of how we live today.

We are each of us responsible for the evil we may have prevented -James Martineau-philosopher and Unitarian Minister


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