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What do you think of the camouflage jerseys the Kansas University men’s basketball team will wear at at least one Big 12 tournament game?

Asked at Allen Fieldhouse, 1651 Naismith Drive. on February 28, 2013

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Photo of Caitlin Henry

“I think they look pretty ridiculous. They don’t look like sports uniforms. They are camo. Who are we trying to hide from?”

Photo of Bailey Thayer

“Stick with the regular uniforms. Camo for me is a country thing. Lawrence isn’t country. Maybe they’d work for K-State.”

Photo of Nicholas Roberts

“They shouldn’t wear them. They just aren’t KU uniforms. Luckily it will just be for the TCU game that won’t be televised nationally.”

Photo of Alex Calderon

“Honestly, I don’t like them. I think our uniforms are fine, maybe a few more throwbacks. We are just not that kind of school.”


seagull 5 years ago

Absolutely hideous. I thought uniforms couldn't get worse than those hi-vis/camo things Baylor wore last year. Ha. Ha.

Kyle Neuer 5 years ago

Please, leave the uniforms alone. Adidas has already proven they have all the taste and restraint of a Kardashian. Enough.

bthayer 5 years ago

First, I'm not sure why you took that as derogatory. The K-Staters I know are proud that it is more of a country school. Secondly, I don't think this type of camo is the same as our military wears. Third, I have not forgotten my roots. If this is so insulting to you, should you really be stereotyping KU?

Gabe Hoffman 5 years ago

lol @ Havecents...what nonsense you spew.

Ben Lockwood 5 years ago

I think anytime a page on a website refers to a specific image, that image should be displayed. I had to scout around for a picture of the uniform in question. They are ugly.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

“I think they look pretty ridiculous. They don’t look like sports uniforms. They are camo. Who are we trying to hide from?”

— Caitlin Henry, student, Augusta

Got to love this comment, best in a long time. However, I do like the camo uniforms. I would like to get the entire set.

Joe Hyde 5 years ago

Wear 'em once in a low-profile game, but do it only to satisfy a contract obligation that was foolishly agreed to. Immediately after this basketball season ends, terminate the Adidas contract (which the state government can do) and in the next contract, with Adidas or whoever, make sure there is no wording in the contract that lets the supplier arbitrarily decide what our uniform design will look like.

If they want to experiment with new uniform designs, let them develop those designs on their own nickel and sell them to willing universities following acceptance by the team coaching staffs involved.

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