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What do you do when you hear there is a winter storm warning in effect?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on December 21, 2013

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Photo of Sean Stout

“I make hot chocolate.”

Photo of Carmen Hogan

“I stock up on food.”

Photo of Emily Pinkston

“I go grocery shopping, and then I make sure I don’t need to drive anywhere.”

Photo of Kaitlyn Masters

“I pack a bag of emergency supplies.”

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Bob Smith 12 months ago

I put on my bicycle helmet and go to the basement.

Ron Holzwarth 12 months ago

I keep the front door closed until the weather gets warmer. I can do that because I have plenty of canned food in stock.

Bob Smith 12 months ago

I put on my footie PJs and look ironic.

Leslie Swearingen 12 months ago

My question to Bob is, what do the lemurs do in this weather? Are they into winter sports at all? Just asking.

As for me I don't do anything different. After all nothing really changes for us humans except we have to turn the heat up. I really don't think it is ever going to get so bad that we can not make it to the store when we need to.

Bob Smith 12 months ago

The lemurs stay in the lemur-cave in winter weather. Once in a while, one dons a wool sweater and treks out to the wood shed to get some more fuel for the potbelly stove. There's generally a chaotic game of Risk going on.

Leslie Swearingen 12 months ago

Okay I lied. I left VT around 4 to catch the bus out to Walmart to stock up on doughnuts, got as far as the front porch and started sliding so I went back inside, sobbing bitterly. It is so bad out there I can't make it to the store when I need to.

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