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Are you ready for the Kansas University students to come back to town?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 15, 2013

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Photo of Gage White

“Yes and no. There will be all sorts of new people to look at, but it will be much busier.”

Photo of Morgan Rodecap

“Yes, but with the road construction, it will be even more hectic.”

Photo of Peter Nozza

“Yes, Lawrence is a great place to live because of KU.”

Photo of Juliana Birdling

“Yeah, the students keep the town busy and fun.”

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Liberty275 8 months ago

Yes. They need to bring money.


BABBOY 8 months ago

Don't live in Lawrence. But, am their frequently for work. Only thing I notice is more traffic on roads. But, KU makes Lawrence cool so they should be welcomed .... (Same thing for Manhattan or whatever.)


Beth Ennis 8 months ago

the students keep the town young, even if at times that is not so welcome. It's what we love about living in Lawrence!


jane_doe 8 months ago

Ugh. Must defend territory on front porch at Freestate.


Benjamin Roberts 8 months ago

Almost ready; only 19,371 welcome back cookies left to bake.


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