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Do you do any sort of volunteer work?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 25, 2013

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Photo of Kevin Rice

“I did some as a kid at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. I volunteered in the kitchen and delivered stuff around the hospital.”

Photo of Jasmine Cable

“I did Jubilee (Café) with Mustard Seed Fellowship. We served food to the homeless.”

Photo of Stephen Taylor

“I’ve been too busy with work and school. Now that I’m done with school I will.”

Photo of Alexandra Florez

“I’ve been too busy with (my daughter). But I do donate clothes and help with my friends’ kids.”


Russell Fryberger 12 months ago

I once volunteered to volunteer but nothing ever became of it.


g_rock 12 months ago

I don't get paid enough to be here for the money. And I volunteer by entertaining the masses with my smart arse snark and sass. You are welcome.


BABBOY 12 months ago

No. I probably should. Not that much free time. But, not sure that is really a good excuse.


CWGOKU 12 months ago

Yes, the whole family does, a few times a year. Salvation Army stuff, neighborhood clean-ups, school things.
I help Autie mow, too.


autie 12 months ago

I mow the grass at my house.


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