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What is the oldest piece of furniture in your house?

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Photo of Robbie Reynolds

“We have a chair from the 1960s, It’s got a sweet floral pattern.”

Photo of Carleta Nunez

“Old black leather couches.”

Photo of Tammy Mendoza

“All of our stuff is pretty new. Probably my dresser. I’ve had it for 20 years.”

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Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

Some huge stone jars that were used to make cabbage. They were brought to this country by my great-great grandparents on my fathers side of the family. They came from the Netherlands. We don't talk about my mothers side much.

I have a better question. What is your families worst secret? Did you ever blurt it out when you were a kid?


autie 1 year ago

We have the four piece lounge group and the john boy bunkbed set from the early Walmart collection circa 1993.
It must have been a wild weekend if OBob shot another hole in the roof.


The_Original_Bob 1 year ago

Fantastic question. The level of discourse just shot through the roof.


jlzack 1 year ago

and old china cabinet, probably close to 100 years old


Bob Harvey 1 year ago

If you asked my wife she would probably say me.


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