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Will you root for the Wichita State University men’s basketball team in the Final Four on Saturday night?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 5, 2013

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Photo of Kristin Herlihy

“Yes because it’s a Kansas team. A lot of my friends are from Wichita.”

Photo of Skylar Wright

“Yes, sir. My sister goes to school there, and they are from Kansas.”

Photo of Michael Carter

“Sure. It’s a Kansas team. But I am a KU fan first.”

Photo of  Daryl Green

“Yes. I went to WSU before KU. I grew up in Wichita.”

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g_rock 1 year ago

I'm enjoying the hell out of the Shockers. It is an odd payback for my ex saying that KU lost because of bad karma from me. And I just enjoy the rest of the country Googling "shocker" to find out what that yellow headed thing is...and then being really confused by some of the hits.

Rock Shock!


juma 1 year ago

I think it is great that a Kansas team got that far. I would like to see the LJW do a cost comparison between the losers (KSU and KU) and WSU. Something like $$ / player adding the athletic dept budgets and, of course, the coaches overpaid salaries. Might show how much money is wasted.


autie 1 year ago

Darn tootin. Now that Wichita State is the only Kansas team left, they by default become "our" team. Now if you cain't root for our home team, get out of the stadium.


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