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Do you plan to do any spring cleaning this year?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 1, 2013

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Photo of Christina Anderson

“No, none at all. My house isn’t that dirty and I have to clean every day. My husband’s a hot wreck.”

Photo of Emily Vanderlippe

“Yes. There is something nice about being able to open the windows and let spring in.”

Photo of Clare Zipf-Sigler

“Absolutely. There will be a large-scale shuffling out of everything — boyfriends, furniture.”

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Bill Lee 5 years ago

Hell, no! I love living in this pig sty just the way it is. Cleaning stirs up the germs so I might get sick. I may even ask my neighbors to bring over their trash so I don't run out.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

All my springs are shiny clean. They put a hop in my step like the Easter Bunny. I'm lovin all the chocolate.

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