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Have you ever made renovations to your home?

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Photo of Annette Liberty

“We have remodeled a bathroom, three bedrooms, a family room, and we just erected a fence. ”

Photo of Richard White

“This and that, not anything real big. I leave the bigger stuff to the professionals. ”

Photo of Barbara Bushell

“ Yes, all kinds. ”


Wesley Willis 4 years ago

Once I fell through my bathroom wall while I was in the shower

Liberty275 4 years ago

A post and a collection of whips or a swing with a disco ball?

RoeDapple 4 years ago

I have recently finished the sub-sub-sub basement to the bunker. Packing the lead shielding down four flights of stairs was no easy task. The 100kw generator was a real back-breaker.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in. (from a source)

Liberty275 4 years ago

Was it stopping your mind from wandering or what?

Terry Sexton 4 years ago

Our house looks so different from the day we moved in I'm not even sure I'm in the right place.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Does lead paint insulate against nuclear radiation?

Inquiring minds . . . . .

Liberty275 4 years ago

"Because you can change the water temperature on your outside hot water spigot with a wireless remote at the end of a 50' hose?"

That's pretty cool. You rich people have it nice. I hope you appreciate that sort of stuff. If I want hot water out of the hose, I have to use the first 30 seconds of water then turn it off to reheat..

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

autie, now I know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

That is 1 freaky horse. The incubus looks bored.

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