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Would you ever keep chickens in your backyard?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 16, 2012

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Photo of Calee Atkinson,

“Well yeah, for eggs for sure, but cleaning up after them would be nasty.”

Photo of Andy Trout

“ Never. Too much work and too loud. ”

Photo of Hannah Smith,

“ Yeah, I think I would. It would be a fun pet and if I had rude neighbors they wouldn’t like it. ”


RoeDapple 3 years ago

The owls and coyotes would like that . . .

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

A former neighbor built a less than stellar chicken coop. There was always a pile of feathers down by our pond along with the fattest raccoons in the county.

FlintlockRifle 3 years ago

Not only would, but have done this, if fact they were all over the yard front and back, one piece of advice if you drop your gum, leave it lay don't try to find it

number3of5 3 years ago

If my town allowed chickens, I would definitely have them and rabbits also.....

George_Braziller 3 years ago

My neighbor across the alley had chickens. Didn't even know that she had them because they were so quiet. However she added one that drove me crazy.

I don't know what breed it was but it had a really loud obnoxious cackle. Sounded just like one of the chicken vending machines that starts cackling when you put the money in and eventually "lays" a plastic egg with a prize inside. I was ready to make chicken and noodles out of that one.

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

I keep chickens in my backyard all the time: At about 250 degrees F with some apple or cherry wood for about 4 hours. Good Chickens!

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

Sorry about that. I will try to do more Rotisserie. Not near as smoky and only takes an hour and a half.

Thomas Bryce 3 years ago

It depends on volume. Rotisserie is 2 max on chickens. 6 to 8 easily on the smoker.Got a big family. When they all are coming, the smoker is going.

Mary Darst 3 years ago

hahaha....I would like some guineas.

gbulldog 3 years ago

It would depend on my residence. I grew up on a farm and we had a hundred plus. These animals were used as food. A large town is not a place to raise chickens. There are too many preditors to deal with. These included cats and sticky fingered preditors. Another dificulty about raising chickens in town is noise. An upset chicken is not a good layer. And for good disease control, facilities should be movable.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago


Beautiful bright yokes.......

riverdrifter 3 years ago

I don't want no stinking chickens but I'll buy a dozen eggs a week from anybody who does.

RaynRavyn 3 years ago

Oh yeah. Have a small flock out there now. (about 25 hens and a couple roos) Also have ducks, rabbits, geese, and a turkey. They are all tasty, tasty critters...

RaynRavyn 3 years ago

Oh yeah. Have a small flock out there now. (about 25 hens and a couple roos) Also have ducks, rabbits, geese, and a turkey. They are all tasty, tasty critters...

Dixie Jones 3 years ago

couldnt be any worse than my neighbors stinking dog pens and barking dogs who bark all night and day , but the owner cant hear them,

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

R_I, about a dozen years ago, give or take a couple years, we stocked the pond with 100 catfish, 100 bass, 100 perch & 100 bluegill. Also a couple grass carp. When full, it is 15 feet deep in the middle. I bet there isn't 5 feet in depth right now. The fish might as well be sardines in a can. The herons have found some easy fishin', the wasteful bastids.

Mike Hatch 3 years ago

My backyard neighbor keeps some. They're pretty quiet, I didn't know they were there until I saw the coop.

They can make a mess, though. We used to keep about 25 of them, and every other month would have to go out to the chicken house with a big shovel and a trashcan. A few hours of scooping later, the ceiling got about 4" further away from my head than it had been.

I have never been able to make as good of a merrangue as I made with those fresh eggs. The only downside is always having to break each egg into a bowl before actually using it...just in case.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

That's a nice Buff Orpington you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

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