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How do you think declining population in western Kansas will affect the rest of the state?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 30, 2012

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Photo of Tyson Paulson

“It’ll continue — people moving out of rural areas because they’ll continue to have a hard time getting services. It becomes nice to visit, but I could never see myself moving out there. There’s just no opportunity.”

Photo of William Tramp

“Urban expansion is growing at an alarming rate — small towns are getting smaller and smaller. Areas like Kansas City and Lawrence will grow.”

Photo of Barbara Hayford

“It affects the region because the land is losing the family farm and family ranch. It’s environmentally better to have a better land-to-family ratio. People who run commercial operations don’t care if they pollute the land because they don’t live there. That affects us all because we lose the land —we may drive through, but never stop at those small towns to enjoy dinner or something like that because the area stinks of commercial meat production.”

Photo of Debbie Baker

““It affects the aquifers if family farms are replaced by big-time operations that suck up water, making it harder for the family farms that are left. If they don’t depend on the aquifer, they may not care what shape it’s in.”

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RoeDapple 6 years ago

Possible redistricting to include part of Lawrence/Douglas County . . . oh . . wait . .

riverdrifter 6 years ago

Hey, Elkhart, Kansas and east Lawrence have a lot in common! Let's hook'em up. No gerrymandering going on here. No sir. Not one bit.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

I gots a question for you, couple of 'em in fact.

Why the hell would anyone make a youtube video of the "worlds biggest pimple"?

And what would possess a facebook friend to think I would want to view it?


Loki 6 years ago

The country folk might learn that it is ok to advance out of the 1800's and start voting that way

1southernjayhawk 6 years ago

You think pretty highly of yourself, loki, for no reason whatsoever.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

The country folk are about to get hit with a nasty dose of reality. Sam's tax "cut" is going to put those people in a world of hurt. Maybe they should ask someone other than their preacher who to vote for next time.

Bill Lee 6 years ago

There are no jobs out there. When kids graduate from high school, they leave the family farm for opportunites elsewhere. When their parents are ready to retire, the kids are already established in the cities of eastern Kansas. Very few want to leave good, well-paid jobs to struggle as farmers.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

There are no jobs anywhere in Kansas. Try Tulsa,Oklahoma or Kansas City,Mo. Commutes are too expensive. The Kansas legislature does not invest in new long term employment.

Sam Brown tax cuts will become local Sam Brownback tax increases throughout most all communities.

City Hall and the Chamber are talking up a sales tax increase based on the some .6% Brownback sales tax cut = SAY NO! On the new Kansas Vehicle Registration forms it is noted a new $4.00 DMV modernization fee per vehicle. Keep your eyes wide open for other back door tax increases.

City Hall,the Chamber of Commerce and politicians are either confused or uninformed. They would like us to believe that the 3 letter word fee is different from the 3 letter word tax which of course is not true.

The same with the 4 letter word rate which is not any different than the 3 letter word tax.

Swimming Pool Admission. The word "admission" is a 9 letter word for tax.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

it's not like there's a shortage of space

RoeDapple 6 years ago

"Those hayseeds out west will start raiding places like Lawrence for our women."

Hell, I thought a lot of our wimmen come from out west. They don't wants to be out there either!

Mary Darst 6 years ago

Roe....I agree completely......FB friends..I dont want or need to see that stuff!!!!!ICKY

budwhysir 6 years ago

Im thinking the number of people living in the area will be lower

yourworstnightmare 6 years ago

On the horizon.... Flying low... As they approach....

Chickens, coming home to roost.

deec 6 years ago

That's true. I know someone who just sold 80 acres in central Nebraska for a cool half million. It makes you wonder who's got the money to buy at those prices, and why.

labmonkey 6 years ago

There are talks of a land bubble. Prices are outrageous which is why I am waiting until my house is paid off and a few years to buy land (I would like to give my kid(s) some semblance of the childhood I had). I did pretty good playing the waiting game on buying a house, and I hope I can do the same with farm ground. If you are planning to sell in the next 5 years, now might be the time to do it before the bubble bursts.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

land goes up...and land goes down.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

if it was as simple as that there'd be a lot of farmers that wouldn't have gone broke. It's a great time to own land, no doubt about that. It never lasts, though. Ask any old timer.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

If there was such a thing as dryland lemurs, I'd be packing up the truck and moving the compound out west.

tbaker 6 years ago

The tax base shrinking will force county governments to consolidate. Services and schools will have to consolidate. Road maintenance and EMS will depend more and more on state (vice county) funding. Its already happening in western NE. Compared to the east end of the state, the amount of "government" in people's daily lives is quite small. The sparse population of mostly ranch families are very, very independant people. Bottom line, the rest of the state won't notice what happens out there.

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