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Do you think part of Lawrence should be in the same congressional district with much of Western Kansas?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 20, 2012

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Photo of Coral Boyd

“Western Kansas is much different and can’t and shouldn’t be represented in the same way as an urban center.”

Photo of Keith Miles

“I just think the redistricting process has taken too long to begin with.”

Photo of Jared Mann

“No, it doesn’t make sense to split up Lawrence.”

Photo of Tom Pfieler

“I don’t see how Lawrence fits with the rest of Kansas.”

Photo of J. William Wagner

“No, because Lawrence is a liberal community, which is why many like it. Lawrence’s votes would be canceled out.”

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Andini 6 years ago

Isn't lawrence already split by the haves and have nots? The east vs the west siders? Lawrence High vs Free State???

tomatogrower 6 years ago

Obviously you do not live in Lawrence. The high schools are divided on a north south line. And you obviously don't know how much some of the old victorian homes cost, or you wouldn't say haves and have nots. I venture to say a comparison of single family homes compared to cheaply made apartment dwellings would prove that it's pretty evenly divided into haves and have nots. Some haves just like older homes, and older neighborhoods.

John Hamm 6 years ago

And obviously you forget the Lovelands (Mary and Dr.) bought their teenage daughter a "home" on the West side of Lawrence so she could attend FSHS but even though it was South of the "supposed" boundary she was still allowed to attend FS! Could be the "dividing" line was only applicable to those without money or power in the community? Yes.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

I bet spacehog could show us where the crack is.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

"No, because Lawrence is a liberal community, which is why many like it. Lawrence’s votes would be canceled out.”

Exactly what Koch and their right hand man Sam Brownback want to achieve. These radical Libertarian/Tea Party/Fundamentalist groupies cannot stand republicans either. Guess what is on this agenda? No democrats or republicans allowed.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

Carol ain't too bad herself. Hubba hubba

George Lippencott 6 years ago

The real question is "Does Western Kansas want Lawrence in their district"?

Liberty275 6 years ago

They should use square boxes. Gerrymandering should never be an option.

Lora Gilliland Schneider 6 years ago

This would hardly reflect on Lawrence. Western Kansas would suffer, however....

average 6 years ago

I guess it'd be nice to be together and in the 2nd or 3rd, on the off-chance that we could tip the scales to another weak Democrat.

In the reality of the present, as little love as I have for Huelskamp, he isn't going to be any less interested in half-of-Lawrence than Yoder has been.

georgeofwesternkansas 6 years ago

This is how Western Kansas feels about Lawrence.

She is just like your little sister, you love her with all your heart, but sometimes she torments you so that that you want to kick her ass. But, would defend her with all you have if an outsider came after her.

Do not worry Lawrence, we love you and will consider your point of view no matter how misguided it might be.

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