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What’s your favorite theater piece?

Asked at Theatre Lawrence groundbreaking at Bauer Farms complex in west Lawrence on May 11, 2012

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Photo of Maley Wilkins

“‘Phantom of the Opera,’ no question.”

Photo of Josef Rantner


Photo of Laura Blanchard

“‘The Lion King’ on Broadway.”

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Loki 4 years ago

It's hard to pick just one, I love so many. Guys and Dolls was a recent one I seen that I never had before and totally enjoyed!

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Baby Philadelphia Derringer. Found it on the floor of the balcony box at Ford Theater.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

"As Long As We Both Shall Live", "The Kansas Nutcracker", "Tommy"

There are others of course.

LadyJ 4 years ago

Elementary school programs, too cute.

he_who_knows_all 4 years ago

Now why does the LJWorld put First Management as the occupation down when they usually put down the type of work like they have on the other two? I know Ms. Blanchard perfectly and they could have put the Engineering firm from where she is employed too?

he_who_knows_all 4 years ago

Personally not perfectly..that's a Freudian slip.

Alex Parker 4 years ago

Most likely that's the answer the person gave our reporter. We don't ask where a person works; but that's what the man told our reporter.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

Wagner's Ring Cycle as performed by lemurs.

tomatogrower 4 years ago

Midsummer's Night Dream. I've seen it performed several times, and always love it.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Yeah, I tried out for that and . . uh . . never mind . . .

ms_canada 4 years ago

Cats was wonderful as was Phantom. But the worst of all was Wicked. Dumbest thing ever. Dialogue was totally not understandable. Why speak if no one can understand what you say.

Daniel Speicher 4 years ago

Must have seen a bad company. The one that came through KC a couple of years ago was AMAZING and any video clips of Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel in the original cast will show you that the show has incredible potential.

Liberty275 4 years ago

That was a South Park episode. Dum dum dum dum dum.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

What Py said. But I'll throw out Sweet Tranvestite from Rocky Horror.

Liberty275 4 years ago

Theater? Apocalypse Now or more recently Avatar.

Theatre? Any Mozart Opera or Tennessee Williams play.

Theater piece... LOL. I'm surrounded by philistines.

Daniel Speicher 4 years ago

I was going to remark on the classical spelling of "theatre" for stage productions as well... But, decided against it. But, since you have hit on it... Yes, "theater" generally refers to a building in which movies are shown and "theatre" refers to the entire stage genre. (Although, generally Operas are not considered "theatre", they are usually in their own class of stage production, as would a symphony or ensemble.)

Daniel Speicher 4 years ago

Definitely has to be Rent... Love that show.

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