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What would you like to see at a new recreation center?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 2, 2012

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Photo of Vanessa Ceballos

“Rec leagues, like basketball or soccer. Group classes.”

Photo of Emily Marotta

“A pool and sauna or hot tub. Plus a healthy snack bar.”

Photo of Lindsay Sigars

“A dog park.”

Photo of Lauren Sharp

“A pool.”


Gandalf 6 years ago

100% private funding. A couple of years ago there wasn't enough money in the budget to keep full hours at the existing centers. What changed?

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

I want to see it all. Build the ice rink, the gyms, the track & field venue, Olympic sized pools inside & out, an indoor jogging track, batting cages, a workout room for aerobics, a place for free weights & fitness machines, and, like Emily said, saunas & a healthy snack bar.

We have an opportunity to build a facility that will benefit the community tremendously & potentially become a regional recreational destination. It would be an economic boost for sure.

I thought canastas were those clikky things that R_I likes to snap while flamenco-ing.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Got it, R_I. Iz gud to lern stuff reedin' OTS.

"An ocean for surfing" Andini We need more big thinkers like this!

"Dancing pigs" T_O_B I would show up for the flamenco lessons. Oink.

labmonkey 6 years ago

Several cute to hot redheads working out in sports bras and tight shorts.

RockyInn 6 years ago

The Oread doesn't fall into that category. To actually have the impact you suggest, it would require much more development than what the Oread could have provided. What it has provided is far less than that. RE values have dropped for properties that have not changed hands since the Oread was finished.

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