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Do you have any Fourth of July traditions?

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Photo of Chris Augerhole

“Celebrating my birthday; it’s on July 5th.”

Photo of RC Edwards,

“The Fourth of July is the only holiday we take off all year.”

Photo of Evan Felker

“I go to Rabo Moore’s; He has a pig roast every year and it’s the 15th or 16th year doing that.”

Photo of Mike Burdge

“Our family cooks hot dogs and hamburgers, shoots off fireworks and watches the kids play in the water.”


boxers_or_briefs 6 years ago

My wife puts sparklers on herself in special places just for me.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Using the day for suds & sausages, burgers & beer, steaks & stella & ...well, you get the idea.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Constitutional rights will be exercised.

CHEEZIT 6 years ago

Blow stuff up, wait, not any more!

riverdrifter 6 years ago

Load the smoker with a nice rubbed brisket and some apple wood in the morning, bring to 160 degrees and let her go until late afternoon. Consume growlers and nip a little frozen cane rum (Leblon) with friends. Eat, eat, eat.

Maddy Griffin 6 years ago

Barbecue, fireworks, swimming and mosquitoes. But not necessarily in that order.

otto 6 years ago

Hey Mike maybe you should hit up the turnpike fellas for work.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 12 months ago

Good one, thebcman!
Red necks are called that because they worked out in the sun all day and the backs of their necks got sunburned. They were, and are, called peckerwoods because that is a southern term for the woodpecker, one species of which has a red band on the back of the head. Every time I hear or read this term I think of the movie Shootist with Mark Wahlberg, which is one of favorites. My family shoots off a lot of fireworks, I love the sound of things blowing up especially when they do it beautifully. I want an Abrams but so far have not been able to find one on E Bay or Craigslist. Happy 4th!

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