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What’s the longest bike ride you’ve been on?

Asked at Sunflower Outdoor and Bike, 804 Mass. on June 4, 2012

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Photo of Derek Craig

“Fifty-three miles, in Germany. I stopped three times.”

Photo of Melissa Kindle

“I rode for 53 miles for my 30th birthday.”

Photo of David Falk

“Two weeks ago, I rode 24 miles.”


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

120 miles in one day. Several multi-day trips of several hundred miles, including one Bike Across Kansas about 25 years ago.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

I ran a lot of laps around the track wearing my bike under my gym clothes in high school.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Back in the 70's I used to ride a bike to a job in extreme NW Lawrence while living in extreme SE Lawrence. That's prolly, what, 20 or 25 miles round trip?

average 6 years ago

One day rides: I've done right at a century (100 miles) twice.

Multi-day: 6 days from St Louis downtown (took Amtrak there, crossed briefly into Illinois) to Lawrence primarily via the Katy Trail.

Topple 6 years ago

I'm with ya. I like my bike, but knowing I could be flying by at 65mph on the motorcycle....hard to substitute.

JackMcKee 6 years ago

56 miles in under 3 hours. Could have gone 112+ easy.

ScottyMac 6 years ago

Here are a local man and woman on a really long bike ride. Pretty cool, no?

Topple 6 years ago

I rode from ~2nd & Iowa out about 80% of the way to Lecompton on N 1800 Rd then E 600 Rd. Turned around about 2 miles short of Lecompton. Came out to about 18 miles round trip. I suspect I could go significantly further, but I'm not a fan of riding at night out on roads with no street lighting at night. Nice area to ride during the day for those who haven't.

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