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Do you have a favorite teacher from high school, and what did they teach?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 2, 2012

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Photo of Jodi Niehoff

“I had one. He taught band and I’m still friends with him today.”

Photo of Ryan Desch

“Yes, I guess. American history.”

Photo of Chad Niehoff

“My industrial design teacher.”

Photo of Kelli Tatum

“Yes I do. My English teacher.”

“I’m not in high school yet but Jeff Atchison. He’s the band teacher at Spring Hill Middle School.”

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RoeDapple 6 years ago

My absolute favorite teacher was in second grade. Miss Wilson. A first year teacher, stunning to look at (all the second grade boys had a crush on her), drop-dead gorgeous. Looking back now I guess she had kind of a "June Cleaver" look to her. Let's see, she would be around 83 now. I bet she's still "hot"!

High school? Don Binns for sure.

blindrabbit 6 years ago

R. Wayne Nelson: Music (chorus) teacher at Lawrence High during 50's and 60's. Still join in when I hear any old classical music tha we performed in Red and Black Chorus and A Capella. Great guy and made it all fun!

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

There were lots of good teachers when I was in high school & I appreciate them more now than I did then. Two of my favs taught English classes. Miss Angel for my sophomore year inspired a lifelong interest in quality writing & literature. And Don Fambrough is still my choice for favorite KU coach simply because he was married to the wonderful Del Fambrough. She was a fantastic lady.

acg 6 years ago

Seriously? Mr. Roth? That guy was brutal!!

Bill Lee 6 years ago

At Neodesha (KS) High School my favorite teacher was H.Ross Miracle, my English and Creative Writing teacher. We're friends to this day, but he still won't tell me what his frist name is. Harry? Henry? Horatio? Helen?????

KSense 6 years ago

50% of my high school was self-taught from text books but I had a fabulous 1st through 4th grade teacher. She made school an adventure and a privilege instead of a chore. That's something that has stuck with me my whole life.

CHEEZIT 6 years ago

Hands down Mr. Wilbur at LHS. Made Calculus and Chemistry bearable!

webmocker 6 years ago

A lot of good ones at LHS in my time, but the top two were Ray Wilbur, math Art Sloan, literature

Honorable mention goes to Mr. Hassig, history Mr. Highfill, biology Mrs. Fambrough, English Mrs. Henderson, French

acg 6 years ago

In Lawrence, loved Mr. Sloan and Mr. Wilbur. I loved Miss Loomis (Central Jr. High gym teacher) but I seriously hated her Jane Fonda workout days. I also liked Mr. Highfill at LHS. At Oskie I loved Doc. Johnson-she was badass and Matt Snyder (art teacher). Snyder was the coolest guy around, ever! Anyone who had him for a class knows what I mean.

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