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Would you still go to your favorite restaurant if you found out it had multiple health code violations?

Asked at Massachusetts Streets on July 21, 2012

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Photo of Ben Nelson

“It depends on what the violation is. If it’s something like a knife being left out too long on a counter, then I wouldn’t care. But if it is like a human head in the dishwasher, not so much. ”

Photo of David Lassley

“No, I would not eat at a place that has been cited multiple times. I work in the kitchen, and if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, don’t serve it. Throw it away. ”

Photo of Lynn Gates

“No I wouldn’t. That’s all I would be able to think about.”

Photo of Sheryl Wiggins

“If they don’t label the bleach, whatever, but I would prefer not to find hairs in my food.”


RoeDapple 5 years, 7 months ago

I prefer to eat where you can see the activity of the kitchen.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 7 months ago

July 22. A day named for the Reverend William Archibald Spooner (born at London, England, July 22, 1844, warden of New College, Oxford, 1903–24, died at Oxford, England, Aug 29, 1930), whose frequent slips of the tongue led to coinage of the term spoonerism to describe them. A day to remember the scholarly man whose accidental transpositions gave us blushing crow (for crushing blow), tons of soil (for sons of toil), queer old dean (for dear old queen), swell foop (for fell swoop) and half-warmed fish (for half-formed wish).

Thank you, Roe, had to look this up, I thought you meant people who sleep like spoons nestled together. LOL

I ate once at the Mad Greek and it was the worst food I have ever had, could not eat the desert so I didn't have to pay for it. I was told they were trying a different vender. I thought they cooked the food on site. Isn't that why they have a kitchen?

I wonder if they ever inspect LINK and the Salvation Army kitchens. They are the two soup kitchens in Lawrence.

RoeDapple 5 years, 7 months ago

For your entertainment rantor! glad you enjoy it!

Paul R Getto 5 years, 7 months ago

The system is seriously underfunded (on purpose) and more political than anything else. Just about any restaurant can be cited any day someone shows up. Food and vermin go together and this is a constant challenge. One approach: call roaches water bugs like they do in the fancy joints in New York City.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years, 7 months ago

A human head in the dishwasher? You scrub it down with a bristle brush, stuff it and bake it. Go to a movie and you will learn these things. Seriously, no one is wondering what happened to the body?

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