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Have you registered to vote?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 17, 2012

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“Yes, I’m registered already.”

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“I need to. It’s on my to do list.”

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“I did register.”


verity 4 years ago

Beat you by a couple of years, Roe, although I have no memory of it. I may be wrong and most likely am, but I've always had the feeling that, since everybody knew everybody in my precinct that I didn't have to register. My party affiliation would have been inherited from my parents. But I'm probably wrong.

Maddy Griffin 4 years ago

Years ago.Now I must renew my ID. Not holding this Obama voter back. Hawaiian Ninja 2012!!

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

Two bits,
Four bits,
Six bits, a peso,
All for Obama,
Stand up and say so!!

I just made that up. Man, I'm a poet.

BorderRat 4 years ago

Stole it from "Zorro the Gay Blade."

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

As they say in Chicago, vote early and often.

labmonkey 4 years ago

I am sure my vote will be undone by my pets' vote since pets and dead people tend to vote for Democrats.

Mary Darst 4 years ago

I think your boy from Tyro is on our ballot. I am writing in your name on that It is the same way in the south central area of the state....alot of crazys from around here in Topeka. Our only hope is to find one that is not so crazy and vote for them.

verity 4 years ago

I went online and changed party affiliation as there is an extremist who moved into my senate district the weekend after redistricting to run against the current senator who is a moderate Republican. It's really quite easy, but I 'm waiting to see if it actually took. Don't trust anything to do with Kansas gov't, especially voting, these days.

We do elect Democrats here, but don't know that there's ever any competition in the primaries.

By the way---today is the last day you can register to vote in the primaries.

CheneyHawk 4 years ago

Ditto for me. I really struggleed with it but made the change.

Ceallach 4 years ago

Don't vote for someone that promised something for free and then sends you a bill.

Who would be left? Why are you such a vote suppressorister? :)

RoeDapple 4 years ago

I'd vote for BABBOY. I don't care what party he is affiliatededed with.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Vote BABBOY. Or He'll Kick Your A$$!

RoeDapple 4 years ago

In England that would cost you 4 pounds. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Terry Sexton 4 years ago

I bet if babboy won public office, his motorcade would be screamin' fast...!

verity 4 years ago

Autie, do what TOB's wife did---turn off the land line. I did that years ago when I realized that the only use it had was to get telemarketing and other spam calls. Also a lot cheaper to just have a cell phone. Unless you enjoy screwing with their heads.

Just be careful who you give your cell phone number to.

labmonkey 4 years ago

I've had two of these survey calls on my cell phone. Both for the Wentz/Pilcher-Cook race. Questions were loaded...

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

Babboy's motorcades would be like Death Race 2000!

riverdrifter 4 years ago

I am registereded to vote and will be there with bells on my toes and a bone in my nose.

Cait McKnelly 4 years ago

Yes I am. It took over 4 months to get my new voter registration card but I kept harassing them until they gave it to me.

StirrrThePot 4 years ago

I remain a registered republican so I can vote in the primaries against all the RINO whack jobs--tried to not elect Brownback in this manner 2 years ago but it failed.

Alas, I will keep this crusade going in a probably futile attempt to help keep/get the moderates and save my state from ruin. In the end it may fail, but my conscience will be clear.

You're welcome.

Paul R Getto 4 years ago

Me too. Been doing that for years. It gives you a chance to vote against the craziest bat in the belfrey. You also get nice newsletters from Rep. Jenkins, which are a real hoot.

verity 4 years ago


I forgot I was going to have to actually say it in front of people! Can I whisper it quietly in their ear?

patkindle 4 years ago

we have too few people who work for a living and pay taxes and too many people that vote for a living

Paul R Getto 4 years ago

Actually, the poor don't vote at the much higher rates seen among the middle class and the wealthy; the Brahmins in the Republican Party like this trend.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Where you been, My_Life? Oh, wait. I bet you just crawled out from under a roc. . . .


riverdrifter 4 years ago

I would've thought your pet effing rock would've voted for one of them guys on Mount Rushmore.

Greg Cooper 4 years ago

Anybody notice the extreme WASPishness of those questioned for this newsy item? Does this mean there are no questionable voters on Mass St.?

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