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Do you know the name of the tropical storm that is forecast to turn into a category two hurricane?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 28, 2012

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Photo of Tyler Lindsey

“I’m going to go with Isaac. ”

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“Is it Irene?”


Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Hurricane Prospector. Christ, I'm still drunk from his yard party last weekend. Now that guy can flat entertain. His timing's just a little off.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Artie was there. Sorry, this video posting thing is still a novelty to me. I was in jail all summer. I had no internet access.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

We need audio on this one. In Kansas, a lot of hicks pronounce it Eyezeek. A former KU basketball announcer often referred to Eyezeek "Bud" Stallworth.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

Okay, as a Kansas hick, that is how I pronounce. Care to give the correct one, and I am not being sarcastic. :-)

riverdrifter 3 years ago

'Dick'. Because it's not coming here. It's tracking northeast once it comes ashore. Crap. We're burining up here.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

The Hurricane Who Must Not Be Named?

LadyJ 3 years ago

Wait, I thought you did that on purpose. The rest of us do, that's how you're suppose to answer the OTS questions

RoeDapple 3 years ago

Somebody please tell me Todd Akin isn't the brightest bulb in the House Science Committee . . . .

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

I could, but like Umbridge told Harry Potter, you are not supposed to lie.

Liberty275 3 years ago

A few days ago some funny leftist said the hurricane was heading for Tampa and it was god's way of telling republicans he doesn't like them. Now it is heading for New Orleans. Would any of you leftists like to venture a guess what god is saying to the citizens of New Orleans?

RoeDapple 3 years ago

cuz nobody likes a wet willie, nobody . . .

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

And that's certainly hit all the bases!

Sheryl Wiggins 3 years ago

yeh there are still a few of us around.....I'm only on step 4 of my 12 step program to give up the stupid thimg.

riverdrifter 3 years ago

"I guess that in the morning I'll go lookin' for my gray-striped cat My old house can take the weather so I'm not too concerned about that It was built to take the wind back in nineteen-and-ten when this was one damned fine town But now there's no one to talk to when the lines go down

Candles flickered on the back bar and the building was shakin' with the wind I bought a whiskey for the gypsy and she turned my leather back into skin Just a fleeting sense of that rare suspense I once thought made the world go round But now there's no one to talk to when the lines go down..."

Great song, O_Bob

Rex Hargis 3 years ago

Isaac Hayes --- Chocolate Chip. Good album.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Not as good as "Hot Buttered Soul" or "Black Moses".

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