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Do you prefer to read the news online or in a newspaper?

Asked at Kansas University’s campus, Jayhawk Boulevard on April 10, 2012

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Photo of David Jones

“Absolutely newspaper. ”

Photo of Rebecca Blocksome

“I’d prefer an actual newspaper, but I read it online. ”

Photo of Mitch Sellers

“I don’t have too much of a preference. Online is quicker.”

Photo of Grant Van Horn

“Newspaper definitely. Online strains my eyes. ”


Pitt_Mackeson 6 years ago

My hands always get all inky from reading the newspaper :( but I like the feel of paper in my hands when I sip my coffee :)

missjai 6 years ago

I read online why pay for something when it's free :)

Bill Lee 6 years ago

I like both. Online is easier, but I like holding a newspaper. I prefer the ads in a real paper.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Closed caption on the bottom of the screen. Usually it's a few seconds behind whatever is being said but that is still faster than other sources by 12 to 36 hours. I tend to just skim the headlines online or in the paper unless something leaps out at me.

The comics still get my attention, except for "Doonesberry". Haven't read the Doone for 5 or 6 years. Total crap.

I remember when the classifieds were bigger than the entire paper is now.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

It's not free online. We pay pay Knology, AT&T,Verizon,Dish or some elctronic provider.

I prefer both.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

The funny pages are the best reasons to have an actual newspaper. A hard copy is also best for clipping pics like 'friends & neighbors' and, sadly, the occasional obituary. Those types of things don't seem right when coming from my PC printer. I love me some 'doonesbury.' Bring back 'For Better or For Worse.'

Maddy Griffin 6 years ago

Online definitely. I don't have to retrieve it from my yard.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Is this a trick question? My paper hasn't shown up this morning. And they were doing somewhat better . . .

gphawk89 6 years ago

Usually online but sometimes that's not too convenient. Paper is a lot easier to read when sitting in the restroom at work. I've threatened to install a touchscreen PC on the wall by the toilet at home but haven't quite talked my wife into that yet so have to settle for a wireless laptop.

labmonkey 6 years ago

Sometimes, whether at work or at home, the only solice you can get is reading while on the pot. No, it doesn't take 20 minutes to do your buisness, but you stay there so you have the time to finish a damn article uninterrupted.

1029 6 years ago

Both. I make my kid earn his breakfast by reading me the newspaper aloud while I get ready for work. Then I read the online version sometimes at work when my boss is away (since we ain't allowed to use the internet.)

somedude20 6 years ago

Nice LJW, you cheap cheap tricks!! Next time hire a polling company to do your research when asking a self serving question. Maybe you should have asked if people wanted to pay $5 for a porch paper. Heck, sounds like many are not getting their paper so I guess online is the way to go (except the roaming hands of Parker can singe your posts)

OTW (on the web) At what age did you stop feeling like a kid and started to feel like an adult?

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Shucks, my paper finally showed up 'bout 8:45 . . .

Hey somedude20, I'm gettin' ready to turn 64 so if I feel growed up by then I'll let you know.

Alex Parker 6 years ago

For reference, this question refers to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project that found the majority of people who are serious news readers use handheld devices to get their news:

RoeDapple 6 years ago

What's this, an on topic comment? Oops, it's Alex. Never mind.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

The dog found a hand held device someone had throwed in the yard. Big purple thing, batteries not included. I tied it to the fence so whoever lost it might find it and take it away. In the meantime I'm gettin' the dog tested for STD's

verity 6 years ago

Definitely online. Hate the ink on my hands, the feel of the newspaper, the awkwardness of holding it while trying to drink coffee, trying to find the continueds and the hassle of messing with it stacking up.

The biggest plus is the fact the I can read newspapers from all over the world whenever I feel like it.

FlintlockRifle 6 years ago

Does this question mean they are going to start charging to use this site???

labmonkey 6 years ago

I like you guys and the LJworld comment community, but I don't like you enough to pay for it.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

I made a nice egg salad today. Shelled all of the hard boileds on yesterday's edition of the LJWorld. The hard copy, that is. Wouldn't wanna do it on my tablet. I s'pose you could, but not really the best app for it.

Iz yummy, the egg salad. Ten hard boiled whites with three or four yolks plus an avocado. You mush the avocado, leaving some of it kinda chunky & mix it up really well with the whites & the yolks. Stir in two tablespoons mayo, one tablespoon dijon mustard & one teaspoon lemon juice. Mix in a dusting of some coarse salt & ground pepper. Voila! It's a Martha Stewart recipe but with the avocado it's more like a Dr. Seuss recipe. If I only had some ham.

verity 6 years ago

Sounds lovely except for the excessive egg whites (I am of the opinion that the whites are only edible because they are attached to the yolks). What did you do with the six or seven egg yolks that you had left?

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

The leftover yolks go to the doggie mixed with some hamburger & kibbles. She dives into that stuff!

booyalab 6 years ago

Soon to get all my news from Julian Assange's new talk show Under house arrest in the UK, funded by the Kremlin. What more could you ask for?

4chewnut 6 years ago

I would like to read a real paper....but ....NO PAPER DELIVERED. And trying to reach anyone there to call it in was impossible! Are you trying to get us to cancel????

4chewnut 6 years ago

I would like to read a real paper....but ....NO PAPER DELIVERED. And trying to reach anyone there to call it in was impossible! Are you trying to get us to cancel????

headdoctor 6 years ago

Yeah, 20 days into the new brilliant business move by the LJW and they are still purposely ignoring what caused the problem to begin with. Some have a short memory and may return but I think the damage is done with no way for LJW to recover completely from this in an already down market. BTW LJW, I spent your $5 sucking up gift card and I still wont restart my delivery.

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