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What are you reading?

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Photo of Ashli Garbrandt

“Home interior and decorating magazines. I just bought my first house, so I’m really interested in decorating right now.”

Photo of Brian Nelson

“I read a lot of Catholic blogs. ‘New Advent’ is a good aggregate of some of the best.”

Photo of Don Henderson

Caribbean’ magazine and a magazine about treasure hunting. I go diving, so I like to read about the best places to go, and I like finding out the kind of stuff people find.”

Photo of Maximillian Tompkins

“The ‘Bone’ series by Jeff Smith. He creates a good story — the characters are really human, though they’re not humans in the story.”

Photo of Alex Beecher

Relentless Forward Progress’ by Bryon Powell. It’s a how-to guide for ultra-marathons, with some essays, too. I ran my first ultra-marathon — 50 miles — this week. ”


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