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What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Asked at Dillons, 1015 West 23rd St. on November 14, 2011

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“Green bean casserole. My mom makes a giant dish.”

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“I like green bean casserole best.”


Bill Lee 5 years ago

Iike 'em all. My ex-wife's dressing is my favorite, though.

Pitt_Mackeson 5 years ago

this could be the first Thanksgiving that isn't a home cooked meal...... though I did find out that Hibachi Grill on Iowa St. is open on Thanksgiving day. This may just be the best Thanksgiving ever.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Bluerock. The son-in-laws and I plan to have a few hundred around 2PM Thanksgiving day.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

The wife always makes two dishes of turkey dressing. One "normal" which is the best I've ever tasted, the other has oysters in it. Those who like it rave about it. I think it tastes like stagnant pond mud . . .

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Back in the sixties when all the Grandmas were still alive Thanksgiving was the day all the cooking skills were practiced to the extreme. Hams and turkeys, mashed potatoes and yams, turkey dressing, green beans, corn and fried okra. "Fisheye" tapioca pudding, meringue pies in chocolate, lemon and banana. Apple, cherry, blueberry and rhubarb pies. We would eat until we were miserable, the an hour or so later would drift back into the kitchen for a piece of pumpkin pie to top it all off. All while being told there was no reason why we men couldn't get a little dishwater on our hands. These days I go easy on the eating. Leftovers for the next ten days is now the rule.

Maddy Griffin 5 years ago

Gotta be my daughter-in-law's corn casserole. Her Mama raised her right!!

trinity 5 years ago

I get tired of green bean casserole-blech. Got to say sweet taters tops my list of faves! Oh and stuffing. Oh and fluffy white rolls....

Mary Darst 5 years ago

Roe..we hopefully will get to shoot a little bluerock this year. Going to our daughters boyfriends house . Last time there, his boys got out the bows and arrows and the guns. fun,fun,fun.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

Mrs52 makes this great salad of orange jello, tapioca, vanilla pudding, mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple & cool whip, all mixed together & chilled in the fridge. Lotsa flavor & fills the gaps around the turkey & taters in my tummy quite nicely.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Oh, and rum. Cookies. Rum cookies. Or rum and cookies. Okay, just rum. Forget the cookies.

bevy 5 years ago

TOB - I'm ROFLMAO. (I'm with ya on the Brussels Sprouts. Shoulda let the Belgians keep 'em!

FlintlockRifle 5 years ago

Tomorrows turkey and gravy, just keeps getting ""gooder""

labmonkey 5 years ago

I usually have to work most holidays, and I sincerely miss Thanksgiving the most. Stuffing with sausage gravy is probably my favorite side.

On an unrelated note... two food OTS's in a row and not a word from H_lector? I am disappointed.

somedude20 5 years ago

Heck, I get an apple pie and go all American Pie on its crust!

pace 5 years ago

I love some of the left over dishes. Turkey and vegetable soup, home made stock, hm egg noodles, on mashed potatoes. Cranberry and turkey sandwiches. Standing in front of the refrigerator, late at night, opening little containers. My dear one waiting behind me, for his turn, he leaves a fork in the refrigerator, a left over bad habit from his bachelor days. Kind discussions about how we should share the last piece of pie.

LadyJ 5 years ago

Thinking of seeing if hubby will agree to turkey and ribs instead of turkey and ham since we have an abundance of ribs in the freezer. Saw him looking at some of those turduckens on the internet though.

bevy 5 years ago

On behalf of the "wimmen" of my generation, I cry Foul! And, FOWL! I can roast a turkey, bake a pie (with crust from scratch,) and whip up every side dish named above. Except the bourbon. Ewww. The 20-25 people who come to my house on Thanksgiving Day - also wimmen of my generation - will bring a load of succulent side dishes upon which we will feast. The only thing the microwave will be used for is re-heating the leftovers.

Oh, and the answer to the question: PIE! (Except coconut. Yuck) Pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan....mmmm

pace 5 years ago

My great nephew invited us all over for Thanksgiving, senior year in highschool. We were very afraid. One of the best thanksgiving dinners I ever sit down to. Never assume. He is gifted.

xyz 5 years ago

Everyone's comments have left me starving. I think I can almost smell roasting turkey over the internets! My family starts the festivities and eating this weekend--2 birthdays in 2 days and then 3 days to digest before turkey day. Can't wait to get on the plane Thursday and head to sunny CA.

kernal 5 years ago

Stuffing with giblet gravy. I could do the whole meal with just that and a bit of cranberry relish.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

Oyster stuffing. Don't get it very often.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 5 years ago

This year it wad the blood n andouille sausage dressin, along wit som p'tata salad an de turkey "oysters".

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