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What are you reading?

Asked at Hastings, 1900 W. 23rd St. on May 29, 2011

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Photo of Maud Humphrey

“’The American Scene’ by Henry James. It’s essays about America at the turn of the 18th century.”

Photo of KC Stanton

“’Orange Crush’ by Tim Dorsey. It’s about a serial killer named Serge Storms. It’s kind of funny. Set in Florida.”

Photo of Kristie Campbell

“’Crazy for the Storm’ by Norman Ollestad. It’s about an 11-year-old who’s with his father and his father’s girlfriend. Their plane crashes into the side of a mountain and he has to climb down.”

Photo of Scott Lee

“’The Confession’ by John Grisham. It’s basically about a crime that was done a while back and they’re looking for the killer. A guy gets out of Leavenworth prison and shows up in Topeka at this preacher’s office. Then he admits he’s the one who did it. They’re getting ready to execute this guy down in Texas so it’s a mad scramble.”

Photo of Mason Rankin

“’On Killing’ by Dave Grossman. Over about the last 160 years of armed warfare, it talks about what used to be the mindset of the average soldier when it came to actual combat. It’s really psychology heavy.”


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