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What makes your mom special?

Asked at Target, 3201 Iowa on May 8, 2011

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Photo of Sommer Taylor

“She has been an incredible role model for the entire family and always puts us first.”

Photo of Paul Sage

“She’s always there for me.”

Photo of Ranya Ahmed

“My mom’s 10,000 miles away and she still finds a way to take care of me.”

Photo of Eric Moore

“Her patience.”


RoeDapple 7 years ago

Kinda miss her fried chicken . . .

RoeDapple 7 years ago

She had me. Some might see that more as a blame thing . . .

trinity 7 years ago

everything. sure do miss that fiesty french canadian lady.

Mary Darst 7 years ago

I will agree with autie. In her day it took a lot of courage to stand up for your beliefs......she was very pastionate.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

She absorbed her twin fetus in the womb, and has an eye in her shoulder.

roadwarrior 7 years ago

Kinda hard living in Kansas having been raised by a Bostonian mother who thought getting together for fried chicken dinners on Sundays would be tantamount to torture. lol. Very independent, raised her kids to kick them out of the nest to find the life they were born to lead. Married to my father for 57 years !

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