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What is your favorite YouTube video?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 19, 2011

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Photo of Judson White

“I don’t have any. I don’t have a computer.”

Photo of Camille Nolan

“Classic Charlie bit my finger.”

Photo of Joel Ruiz

“Double rainbows.”

Photo of Spencer SpottedHorse

“Oldies music… stuff from the ‘50s and ‘60s.”


beatrice 4 years ago

All others come in tied a distant second.

fabian_zimbabwe 4 years ago

Ah, the official face of ku_law...nice coat, dude.

camper 4 years ago

What's so funny? First is absolutely right. Without him, there would be no 2nd poster. Think about it folks.

beatrice 4 years ago

The fog over Lawrence has finally lifted.

Bill Lee 4 years ago

I enjoy too many to narrow it down to just one. I was just watching Eddie Cochran's "Weekend," written by my friend Bill Post and his late wife Doree. One I go back to often is "I Feel Good" by James Brown from "The TAMI Show." There are lots of Mike Finnigan videos, too.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

It can change daily, hourly, by the minute sometimes !! Here's one I really thought was cute the first time I saw it . . . still do for that matter

"The Facebook Song" -- Lynnea Malley

wmathews 4 years ago

Honey badger or new "freaking" haircut.

fabian_zimbabwe 4 years ago

"Man in the Box." It's quite irreverent and funny, though a few of the episodes can be fairly lame.

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

Any video by Ronald Jenkees, but especially "Stay Crunchy."

You are welcome.

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

The video isn't working because LJWorld's chat program automatically changes capital letters to lower-case. Why, LJWorld? Why? You have something against all caps?

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

I posted the link three times and it changes the address by switching the capital (ZQ-FC3DLK) to lower-case...w.t.f?

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

It did it again. Frickin' weak sauce, LJWorld...weak sauce, indeed.

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

If you want to see the video, search youtube for "STS9 Collab - Using their drums to jam with!! FUN!"

Celeste Plitz 4 years ago

That just made me laugh so hard...your descriptive terms make the post. Seriously LOL

Pitt_Mackeson 4 years ago

Ok, in all seriousness, this is currently my favorite song. Means more to me now than ever since I lost my old man few years back.

Kirk Larson 4 years ago

The "Mr. Deity" series is pretty funny!

fanaddict 4 years ago

Anything from Epic Meal Time....watching one is enough to motivate anyone to go running...

Mike Hatch 4 years ago

My spoon is too big! From the Rejected cartoon series.

fanaddict 4 years ago

My brothers and I always act this one out this time of year....drives our parents crazy :-)

It's Hot in Topeka

beatrice 4 years ago

Evolution of Dance

Cop Shoots Self in Foot (You have to feel for the guy.)

Monkey Smells Finger

Quadruplet Babies Laughing (I just like this one ...)

Sneeze Kid (... and this one. Seriously, if you have never seen this one, watch it! Funny, funny, funny!)

1029 4 years ago

Uh... Chalmers' shot, of course.

Celeste Plitz 4 years ago

I almost forgot this one, probably my fave right tease! LOL

Deja Coffin 4 years ago

My favorite videos are definitely the ones my friends and family make.

Here's one my future hubby made for me:


Deja Coffin 4 years ago

But seriously, I just love that guy's videos!

Zachary Stoltenberg 4 years ago

I can't believe I went through this entire list without coming across this one.

Deja Coffin 4 years ago

Ahahahahaha!!! Too funny!! My husband just asked, "um what are you listening to?!?" Just let it happen babe, ride the roll!!

grammaddy 4 years ago

Anything with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake.

TheTalker 4 years ago

Oh man you totally Rickrolled me Stoltzy. That was gutter stripping funny!

Monica Miller 4 years ago

David after dentist, definitely!!!

georgeofwesternkansas 4 years ago

Rolling Stones "gimmie shelter" Amsterdam 1995. Lisa Fisher is soo wicked.

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