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What’s your favorite thing about Kansas?

Asked at Borders, 700 New Hampshire St. on January 30, 2011

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Photo of Ralph Stevens

“My family has always lived here since it’s been here.”

Photo of Roger Dreiling

“The vistas. You go out in the country and get on a hill and you can see forever.”

Photo of Pam Ispas

“The Jayhawks.”

Photo of John Walter

“The land, the grass.”


Pitt_Mackeson 5 years ago

My favorite thing about Kansas is that it is in the middle of the greatest country on the planet. There's no place like it, especially Lawrence KS. What a great town.

Bill Lee 5 years ago

The music. Only Nashville has more professional musicians per capita than we have here in Lawrence. The upcoming induction ceremony and concert of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame at Liberty Hall on March 5th will demonstrate the diversity and quality of Kansas music.

looza 5 years ago

lookin' @ it out my airplane window as I head south to Florida

Scott Morgan 5 years ago

In most other states you will dream your life away wishing for this, wishing for that. In Kansas a lifestyle whether urban or rural is affordable.

tomatogrower 5 years ago

The sky, the big sky. I love mountains, but I get really claustrophobic if I'm around them too long. The sky.

Mary Darst 5 years ago

In Kansas you can drive for 1 hour and the landscapes changes. All beautiful. I like the history of Kansas....So important to the making of the United States. Also, not Missouri!

ksriver2010 5 years ago

I like sunsets and the views, especially up on the hill at Wakarusa and Clinton Parkway.

And the role of Lawrence and Baldwin City is so prominent in history.

Terry Sexton 5 years ago

Some say gales & ruby slippers Or basketball & Wilt the Dipper. Wouldn't move from here for all the $buck$. The west wind blows because Missouri sucks.

pace 5 years ago

To quote the great Katie Greene, "Happy 150th birthday, Kansas, you cute, nibbled-on rectangle."

whats_going_on 5 years ago


If it weren't for this town, theres no way in he** that I'd live in this stupid state.

gphawk89 5 years ago

The dry, hot, steady summer winds. "360 degree" sunsets. Pheasant hunting. My family. Dark, quiet, starry nights. Post rocks. Bass fishing on farm ponds. Thunderstorms. Good, hard working, honest people. The ball of twine. The Jayhawks. Sand-greens golf courses. These are a few of my favorite things.

SpeedRacer 5 years ago

The waves crashing in on the white beaches. The smell of the salt air and the warm sun washing over me...wait, what was the question?

killjoy 5 years ago

Roundabouts...definitely the roundabouts.

jackpot 5 years ago

Sunsets over the flint hills.

introspector 5 years ago

my favorite thing about Kansas... the rednecks... or wal-mart... its a toss up...

ivalueamerica 5 years ago

In the early morning, seeing the dew turned to crystal ice glimmering across the rolling hills with a beautiful sunrise. Live does not get much better than that.

Liberty275 5 years ago

I like the way the phelps clan infuriates the hippies. I also used to enjoy watching the peaceniks protest the war and gitmo before their guy got to run them.

Fossick 5 years ago

All the Kansans who think they are too smart and sophisticated to be considered Kansans.

Judgesmails 5 years ago

The time warp that all small towns in kansas are in.

1029 5 years ago

I like that there ain't that many dumb librals asides from in Lawrence and most Kansans are a good simple people and they don't like society getting to complicated on them.

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