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Why did you come to the Holiday Farmers’ Market and/or what did you buy?

Asked at Holidome, 200 McDonald Dr. on December 10, 2011

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Photo of Alyssa Skabes

“We usually go to the Farmers Market and saw this was like it but a bit different; we thought we’d check it out.”

Photo of Jay Schweig

“We got cinnamon rolls, a poinsettia — all kinds of stuff.”

Photo of Tom Enkosky

“And a dog bone.”

Photo of Linda Leedy

“Looking for stocking-stuffers. We try to support it every year — buy local, of course.”

Photo of Ursula Minor

“I come mainly for the food — it’s so fresh.”

Photo of James Minor

“We got humus and cookies. And homemade dog treats.”


Loki 6 years, 6 months ago

I didn't go. If you would prep us for these we could go. Or at least pretend and spend 30 seconds on the website seeing what they have to develop a clever answer. Do they really sale dog bones? Like animal remains dog bones or treats? Kind of disturbing that you have a fair with animal remains for sale, but hey the further away from the city you go....

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