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Do you plan on voting in the city elections?

Asked at Target, 3201 Iowa on April 5, 2011

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Photo of Sarah Moore

“No, I’m not a registered voter here.”

Photo of Michael Moore

“No and I don’t really have an excuse except I’m going to a Royals game.”

Photo of Tashia Owen

“No, I just don’t keep up with any of it.”

Photo of Evelyn Easum

“I didn’t realize they were tomorrow. I am a registered voter though.”


RoeDapple 5 years ago

Oops! Well, vote early, vote often, as they say . . .

jackpot 5 years ago

Oops! Well, post early, post often, as they say .

FlintlockRifle 5 years ago

You better beleive I will vote, maybe LJW should look someplace besides Target to ask questions, N/G N/G

schula 5 years ago

I did -- I was first at my voting place!

RoeDapple 5 years ago



Now look what you've done to my keyboard!!

jafs 5 years ago

3 out of 4 say no.

And the last one didn't know the election was today.

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