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Photo of Jordan Scott

“‘It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life’ by Lance Armstrong. It’s about Lance’s journey from when he was real young to becoming a professional cyclist, and overcoming his first wave of cancer. It’s pretty inspirational.”

Photo of Angela West

“‘The Secret’ by Beverly Lewis. It is an Amish fiction about a mother that runs away in search of the son that she had in secret. It’s the first book in the series ‘Seasons of Grace.’”

Photo of Heather Summers

“‘Archeron’ by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It’s about the Greek gods. It’s a romance fantasy, paranormal thing about Dark Hunters … they’re kind of like a vampire, but not evil.”

Photo of Jennifer Outcalt

“‘Love Poems’ by Nikki Giovanni. I love poems and I use them for my Facebook status.”

Photo of Helen LeBar

“‘The Ruling Class’ by Angelo M. Codevilla. The author proposes that ordinary people should do things that keep the ruling class — basically the people with billions of dollars — from making all the rules for us. They want to go back to the Constitution, whatever that means.”


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