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What do you think of the new American Idol judges (Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler)?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 23, 2010

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Photo of Chris Ruth

“I think it’s someone I can identify with more, as a musician, who is truly talented versus the unknowns.”

Photo of Michelle Lindsey

“Without Simon, I think that this year will be the last season.”

Photo of Dawn Webster

“I think Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are perfect to pick out the future pop stars.”

Photo of Nicholas Ward

“I think if you get a quality group of people together that has a strong musical knowledge, diverse in both sex and race, it’s the best thing that could happen.”


Bill Lee 6 years ago

I like them both, but hate the show.

TopJayhawk 6 years ago

Yawn. Stupid show. Stupid idea. Stupid celebrities.

CLARKKENT 6 years ago

without simon, the show is in trouble.

Maddy Griffin 6 years ago

This may be the last year for the show, since keeping judges is such a problem. Last season sucked. Simon was right to get out now. So was Ellen.

BrianR 6 years ago

Steven Tyler looks more like The Joker every day.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

People still watch American Idol? Wensleydale

trinity 6 years ago

blah. grab a shovel&get ready to bury this one.

please don't get the bruschetta conflict started again! :-)

JayCat_67 6 years ago

Ah... overglorfied, televised karaoke gasping its last breath.

Richard Payton 6 years ago

I like big B's I can't lie ---- sorry forgot the song lryics any help JW bloggers!

Jaminrawk 6 years ago

I think .. I'm still amazed anyone cares.

Jaminrawk 6 years ago

I think .. I'm still amazed anyone cares.

somedude20 6 years ago

I can not believe that people care about this junk. The only good thing to come of this is that I learned what a "gleaner" is.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

An hour's worth of capering monkeys would be much better entertainment that any episode of American Idol

whats_going_on 6 years ago

I'm guessing that if JLo doesn't like the contestant, he/she is out.

beatrice 6 years ago

Jennifer seems nice enough, and I'm impressed with the long and successful career Steven and his band have had. I just hope he is staying off the drugs. That is what I think of them.

The show? Never watched it. Not my type of muzac.

gl0ck0wn3r 6 years ago

The found four people who actually care enough about this show to answer this question?

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

We have lemur mud wrestling pretty much every time it rains. Those scamps have discovered how to make hooch and their part of the compound is a riotous place these days.

somedude20 6 years ago

Not to be mean but old Nicholas reminds me of Lennie Small

gatekeeper 6 years ago

J Lo is high maintanence. Check out the link. This was her rider when she was filming a video for a charity event that took only 90 minutes. I'm surprised she didn't have a requirement for someone to wipe her butt for her. And since she was only there for a short period of time, this stuff went to waste. Sums her up in my opinion.

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Who gives a tinker's dam or damn; need to get a life!

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